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rea-sol® Rapid cleaning agent


Ideal for the laboratory, extremely easy to use, cleans materials such as glass, porcelain, rubber, plastics and metals rapidly, automatically and carefully of oil, grease, wax, resin, silicone, blood, protein and serum residues.  


  • With anti-corrosion additives (avoid longer exposure times in the case of aluminium and zinc!)
  • Graduations are not attacked
  • Sensitive tests are not influenced
  • Also suitable for cleaning and decontamination of walls and floors
  • Free of chlorine and caustic alkalis
  • Replacement to a broad extent for chromosulfuric acid
  • Good skin toleration and non
  • Toxic
  • Environmentally friendly, as the active agents are biologically degradable
  • Extremely economical: 1 % working solution, can be used several times
  • lso suitable for ultrasonic baths

Code-No. Description  
9720101 Cleaner rea-sol®, 1 l bottle
9720105 Cleaner rea-sol®, 5 l canister
9720130 Cleaner rea-sol®, 30 l drum