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And the red dot award 2013 goes to ...

For the fourth time, Hirschmann Laborgeräte GmbH & Co. KG has won the red dot award: product design 2013, on this occasion for its rotarus® peristaltic pump series.

The prize, which has been presented by the Design Zentrum NRW since 1955, is awarded by a jury of experts for works which exhibit an outstanding level of design quality. Criteria include the degree of innovation, functionality and ecological compatibility. Designers, architects and companies from 54 countries submitted almost 4,700 of their best products this year in 19 different categories.


Hirschmann has already won the red dot award for its solarus®, pipetus® and opus® products. The manufacturer of laboratory and glass instruments and precision capillaries has been developing problem solutions for its customers since 1964 for applications in the medical laboratory, research and industry. 24 patent families are currently in production or under development. The rotarus® series of the peristaltic pump family sees Hirschmann taking the leap into the world of continuous dispensing pumps. Different motors, varying safety classes, intelligent control and automatic pump head and tube identification with RFID technology are indicative of a product family distinguished by consistent planning which covers a broad spectrum of application areas in the laboratory and industry.